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A turn-based strategy video game set in the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire

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Rome: Total War is a strategy game that takes you back in time to ancient Rome and puts you right in the heart of the action. Originally released in 2004, the game has millions of fans playing it from locations all around the world. Those players love that it combines historical elements with realistic game play.

When the game starts, players must pick a faction from three feuding families at war. Each of those factions come with their own strengths and weaknesses, but players won't often find out how their groups perform until they go into battle. There are more than 10 different battles played in the game, and the outcome of those battles vary based on the movements and decisions that players make.

Despite being a slightly older game, Rome: Total War offers some of the most amazing battles in the history of video games. Using 3-D graphics, the game makes players feel like they are actually in the midst of the blood and the gore. The game follows those decisions in real time, which shows players how the choices they make can impact the game at large and affect future battles.

Called one of the best and most realistic battle games of all time, Rome: Total War features phenomenal special effects that get players excited about improving their factions and moving up in the game. It relies heavily on strategy, which forces players to think about how the choices they make at one point in the game can damage their characters in the future, but the game also lets players create their own games through those decisions.

While the battlefield in this game is something you have to see to believe, it requires that players move throughout the battlefield and through realistic cities to improve their positions. Some players find that they can't easily navigate through the different cities to unlock the next level of play. The game uses path finding missions that players must complete before unlocking the next battle or moving to another city. Those missions are often hidden throughout the board and are difficult to locate.

As a battle game, Rome: Total War offers a number of benefits for players. If you like the game, you will find expansion packs that let you add in new battles and missions, and the game spawned a sequel that features new battles and characters. Those game players looking for an amazing game that provides hours of play will love and appreciate this one.


  • Amazing graphics that pull players into the game.
  • Multiple paths and journeys let players create their own games and see how their decisions affect the battles found later on.
  • Strategy-based game play forces players to make split-second decisions.


  • The characters in the game sometimes look more like cartoons and less like video game characters, especially during battle scenes.
  • Some players have problems locating troops and finding the paths that further the game.
  • Investing in the game and improving characters can take a significant amount of time.

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